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iPlus Mobiles Mobile Phone Repairs Iphone Repair Salford, Greater Manchester M7 1SN, UK

Iphone repair is our specialty at Iplus Mobiles Salford Greater Manchester.

There is no doubt that the Iphone Repair is a delicate job and we do it with great care and precision. The team of professionals at Iplus Mobiles in Salford Greater Manchester is equipped with all the moderns tools to carry out all types of Mobile phone repairs Salford Greater Manchester , specially the Iphone Repair Salford Greater Manchester. We have all the required spare part including battries, screens, ICs available in our state of the art repairing lab to cater your needs in minimum possible time.

Iplus Mobiles in Salford Greater Manchester has developed a top class, dust free and moderns repair shop to carry out Mobile phone repairs to your utmost satisfaction.

What kind of Mobile phone repairs we do?

We have developed a modern repair shop for the Mobile phone repairs Salford Greater Manchester, specially all models of Iphones including iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 / 5s / SE, iPhone 5c etc and more. Our licensed and well trained technicians are able to carry out all types of repairs, battery, screen replacement right the first time.

Iplus Mobiles is people’s first choice for Iphone repairing Salford Greater Manchester!

The professionals at Iplus Mobiles have a vast experience in the repairing of modern and classic models of Mobile phones, specially the Iphones. No matter if it is a simple job of battery change, screen replacement or a complex fitting of an IC, they do it with great care and precision. Although we have a large stock of spare parts but if required we have the facility to get right parts from the company.

So don’t worry if your Iphone has gone faulty, just come and enjoy the best Iphone Repair services at Iplus Mobiles Salford Greater Manchester. Our phone line for the follow up and contact 0161 222 5800.



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